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About the Law Office

The Maples Law Office, LLC is owned and operated by Phil Maples. Mr. Maples represents clients throughout the State of Louisiana and is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each client in every situation.  Whether planning for the future or facing a difficult issue today, Mr. Maples will provide legal advice, counseling and diligent representation.  Please contact Mr. Maples today to set up a free consultation. 


The Maples Law Office, LLC is an all purpose firm geared specifically on helping individuals and families with legal issues.  Mr. Maples has focused his practice on three areas of law: Estate Planning, Family Law and Personal Injury.  No matter how straight forward or complex your situation may be, Mr. Maples will take the time to sit down with you and explain the legal action needed.  Then, it is your decision how and when to proceed. 



Contact Us



Philip N. Maples

Attorney and Counselor at Law

17487 Old Jefferson Hwy., Suite A

Prairieville, LA 70769



Be Prepared and Know Your Options


Divorce can be the most difficult time in your life.  Whether your spouse has filed or you are just considering your options to file, contact Mr. Maples for a free consultation.  Divorce may not be the answer, and Mr. Maples will provide you with every option dealing specifically with  your circumstance.  Mr. Maples will also fight to obtain custody of your children, support and your proper portion of the community property.


The Maples Law Office firmly believes that the two most important things in any divorce are child custody and community property, and they go in that order.  First and foremost, our Office will assure the best interests of your children are fought for and achieved.  Second, you are entitled to half of everything you and your spouse accrued during your community--including but not limited to retirement accounts and home equity.  Mr. Maples will fight diligently to obtain best settlement that the law allows.

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